Adrianna Jiron
Email: ajiron@legendsie.com
Cell: (909) 900-8637
Coaching License: E License
Coaching Experience: One year
Sports-Related Certificates:
  • Concussion Certificate
  • SafeSport Training

Coaching Experience: 


 I have coached high school girls soccer for the junior varsity team at Oak Hills High School.
I coached there for a season and a half.

Personal or Sports related achievements

I have played soccer for about 15 years and now since I do not play competitively anymore I coach. During my soccer career.  I have won National Championships as well as Regional Championships. My team also won 3 back to back championships for Surf Cup and as well as many other big tournaments. I plan to continue my soccer career as a coach now.


I am going to school to become a nurse and will graduate in 2 years.