May - 2018

Nathan Olvera - B09 Salomon

May - 2018

IESSC would like to recognize Nathan Olvera for his commitment and determination in developing as a goalkeeper for the club. He currently plays for B09 Salomon. Nathan has a strong passion for the position and a fearlessness that is unparalleled.

Nathan started with Surf two years ago and has developed into an all-around great GK with his team. He passion and work ethic has not just been seen by his own coach but other coaches from the club.


Coach Alex Aldasoro says, “I love his attitude and passion for the game and Surf. Always has a BIG smile on him. He comes to his brothers Andrews B05 practice and is not afraid to get on goal against the bigger kids. I look forward to watching Nathan as he grows as a young man and a Surf player.”

Keep up the fantastic work Nathan! IESSC is very proud of you!