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Safe Phases

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Phase 1
June 22, 2020 until further notice


1. State and/or Local “stay and shelter” regulations are lifted for Youth Sports with conditions.
2. Cal South lifts the suspension allowing training to resume based on State and/or Local social distancing guidelines.
3. If a parent/guardian does not feel comfortable having their child Return to Play, Leagues/Clubs shall be supportive of player choosing NOT Returning to Play.
4. League/Clubs have all the COVID-19 prevention and response protocols in place.
5. COVID-19 Prevention and Response Protocol information has been distributed to everyone involved and receipt acknowledgements received by the Leagues/Clubs.
6. During Phase 1, it is important to consider injury risk strategies as endurance, strength and soccer skills come back into focus.
7. Training groups must abide by the maximum number of players allowed in a “Training Group” based on State and/or Local social distancing guidelines.
8. All practice drills and activities are to focus on individual fitness and skills training for the authorized Training Group in a socially distant environment.
9. Drills within a Training Group may involve passing, provided that the ball is not touched by the player other than by their feet and the players maintain social distancing as regulated by State and/or Local authorities.
10. Participants within a Training Group may not arrive at the facility (training area) until the previous Training Group has completely departed.
11. Limit the number of participants in the facility (training area) such that social distancing always allows for participants and employees to maintain a minimum of six (6) feet of distance from one another.
12. League/Club Administrators and Coaches must always wear masks while training unless actively involved in the Training Drill and/or coaching and/or within the six (6) feet distance restrictions.
13. Parents should ideally drop off kids and pick them up from practice if applicable.
13.1. If parents choose to stay and observe the practice, they may do so from pre-designated areas, wear masks, while keeping proper distancing from athletes and other parents.
14. Provide a minimum separation between Training Groups of at least six (6) feet.

Parent and Player information

Roles and Responsibilities for players and parents/guardians as we move through the different phases of RTP.

  • While Cal South and many of its members look forward to returning to the pitch, we recognize that not everyone will feel the same way. If a player, parent, coach or referee does not feel comfortable returning to play, please communicate this to your club.
  • If a player or parent feels sick, stay home.
  • Players are responsible to respect the social distancing requirements and contact guidelines set by the County in which they reside and/or play.
  • All Participants will be required to sign the Waiver/Release for Communicable Diseases including COVID-19. Compliance can be achieved by using the processes described in the Flowchart for Waiver.

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While the Club and Coach must create a safe environment, the parent must make the decision for their child to return to play. If, as a parent you are not comfortable in your child’s returning to play – DON’T. And finally, the players must be responsible to adhere to, and respect the social distancing requirements and contact guidelines that have been established.

Steps for players and parents to follow before heading to practice.

Minimum requirements players must follow before heading to practice