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Legends Inland Empire

Legends Inland Empire

Mission and Vision

Club Mission Statement: Legends Inland Empire Soccer Club is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and exists to create a rich and open environment for youth players to develop on all levels of the game of soccer including technical mastery, tactical intelligence, physical prowess, and psychological strength.

In addition to the strong individual development that exists, Legends IE SC has created a unified and professional culture that produces unforgettable experiences and cultivates lifelong relationships for players and their families.

By focusing on the total development of a player both on and off the field, LIESC will create opportunities for our youth players to grow into exceptional young men and women that will play at the highest club, collegiate, and professional levels.

Vision of Legends Inland Empire Soccer Club: LIESC will continually strive to be the premier club in the Inland Empire that competes at the highest level, provides professional organization and structure and creates opportunities for players to play at the collegiate and professional levels. We will create an enriched environment that players and coaches can properly develop, parents can afford to enjoy, and administration can be unified.