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Legends Inland Empire

Legends Inland Empire

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Physical Address: 3496 West Little League Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92407

Mailing Address: PO Box 90211 San Bernardino, CA 92427

Info: [email protected]

Mudline: (909) 543-0070 Extension 3 or visit or home page for the latest status!

We reserve the right to refuse admittance\entry to anyone not following our club\complex guidelines or directions from our staff.  We reserve the right to inspect backpacks, coolers or other items when we deem necessary.


BBQ is not allowed inside the complex.  You can use the park adjacent to our complex for team picnics.

Our complex features a full-service snack bar featuring some of the best tacos and burritos this side of the border!  Water, Coffee, sodas, donuts, and fresh fruit cups are also available along with the kids favorite shaved ice flavors.  Churros and French Fries are also served....

Vendors of any kind must receive approval and have necessary State\County\City and club permits before the event.

Vendors of any kind without the required paperwork will not be allowed to perform their functions
regardless of commitment to teams.

Video tripods higher than 6ft must have a permit and insurance certificate before use at our facility.  Please click here to view a copy of the insurance certificate needed.  We do not charge a fee to record your own team.

We charge a parking fee which includes in and out privileges.

Complex Rules

We ask parents and players to follow and adhere to these guidelines for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

·      Parking is not allowed were posted, Board Member Parking, Reserved Parking.  There is no parking or “waiting” in the driveway area near the main gate.  The asphalt area outside the main gate should be clear of vehicles on both sides of the entrance gate, this will help everyone move in and out much easier and faster.

·      The speed limit while driving inside the complex is 5 MPH. The safety of your child is a concern to everyone. If we ask you to slow down more than once, we will ask you to park outside.

·      If you need to drop off your player, find a parking spot, park and let your player get off at his\her own pace.

·      Parents are not allowed near their team's practice area. Parents must stay near the brown\green fence surrounding the complex.

·      Pets of any kind are not allowed inside the IE Soccer Complex. If you are asked to remove a pet more than once, you will be restricted attendance to our fields.

·      Smoking is not allowed inside the complex. If you must smoke, please stay away from where players or parents meet even if it is outside the green fence area.

·      Alcohol is not permitted anywhere inside the complex.

·      Selling, promoting or fundraising of any item within the complex is not allowed without prior board approval.

·      Teams must pick up after themselves when their practice is done.  Failure to do so will earn the team\coach a fine.

·      Keep Children off the office ramp, rails, walls and block, it is not a playground area!

·      If you choose to park outside the complex, please park parallel along the fence and not “head in”, it is hazardous for members to walk on the road, especially with trucks parking into the road itself.

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IE Soccer Complex

3496 West Little League Drive San Bernardino California United States 92407

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